Here are some photos of unique items we have cleaned as well as a few of our restoration projects!

Antique garment restoration

Antique wedding gown before

Antique garment restoration, including wedding gowns and other family heirlooms.

Antique wedding gown after

Our expertise allows for careful cleaning to preserve your cherished items for the next generation.

Specialty items

From child’s first cuddly bear to fireside rug, we clean many unusual items. ¬†You’ll be beary happy!

Dry clean neckties

Damaged neckties

It’s rarely too late for our specialists to restore damaged items.

Dry clean restore neckties

Restored neckties

Never fear Swannanoa Cleaners is here!

Dry cleaning unique clothing and bedding

Sometimes we just scratch our heads

Even when the manufacturer doesn’t know what to do, we do!

Dry cleaning unique garments

Business casual??

Whatever your taste, we can make you look good!

Dry cleaning linens

Wow, just wow!

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

Mascot cleaning

Mascot Cleaning

For some of your promotional needs we can make it smell like a spring chicken, and that’s something to cluck about!